puzzling it out…

UPDATE:   puzzling it out… was accepted in  Fantastic Fibers 2012 at the Yeiser Art Center in Paducah, Kansas.  While it did not win an award, I am honored to be in such good company.  You can check out the award winners at the Fantastic Fibers website and you can see all the fabulous art at this site.

Here are a few pages from my first book, puzzling it out…

You can see this book at Donna Seager Gallery in San Rafael.  Donna first saw my work at the O’Hanlon in Mill Valley, when she juried the Bay Area Women Artist show in August of 2010.  She later said about that first viewing that she was “struck by the clean, perfect craftsmanship of (my) work and the way that process reflected content in the repetitive patterning of the imagery and its reference to the fleetingness of memory.”

puzzling it out… is hand-stitched paper on organza.  Because of the translucent nature of the organza the design of each of the 14 pages is influenced by the others.

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