you can see my latest work by checking out my blogs.

here are a few earlier works..

Opening up to you.. was created in 2009. The dress itself was a gift from a friend,  who thought I might like to wear it for my honeymoon.  The dress was beautiful, but I found that I felt more vulnerable wearing it than if I were naked.  I remember running around frantically trying to find fabric to match it in order to make a slip to wear under it.  I didn’t find the right thing, so the dress went unworn.  While I didn’t understand it then, I realize now that that was my introduction to the power of translucent fabrics to both conceal and reveal the intensely personal.  Years later I came back to the dress to process some of my feelings about sexuality and vulnerability.  Opening up to you.. is hand-embroidered and appliquéd.

mourning the death of you-and-me… was created in 2007.  It was the first time I worked with intensely personal material.    The sculpture is made from old letters I had carried around for years.  The letters were from former lovers, sent to me at the end of a relationship.  When I was younger, I had a bad habit of “loving and leaving”, and was never available to discuss why.  Thus the letters.  And even then, I didn’t really take in what the letters said – they didn’t touch me until I finally sat down and read them again years later.  When I did, it was like reading them for the first time – all the feelings were there – regret, guilt, love and loss, and a desire to make amends.

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    Hi Jeanmarie,
    I love your website!

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